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Chgprep Swab Stick
    • Chgprep Swab Stick
Product Introduction

Chgprep Swab Stick

Impregnated with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) & 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in clear solution 
CHGPREP Swab Stick FS108 large circular foam tip is wash with 18 meg ohm D. I. Water system in our Class 100 Cleanroom, going through drying process before it is impregnated with CHG antiseptic solution, individually pouch and pack. 
Tear open the pouch at Notch, remove the handle from the pouch. Extra care must be taken not to touch the Foam 
Tip with finger to prevent cross contamination. Start to prep on the skin. 

1.Convenience of use 
2.No Glass and do not require activation before use. Easy handling 
3.No need to wait for sponge to saturate 
4.Eliminate the need for forceps, gauze swabs, bowls, and bottled solutions. 
5.Tip made of medical grade 100 ppi, open cell polyurethane foam, soft, inert and hypoallergenic. 
6. Non abrasive, latex free. 
7.Foam is thermal sealed directly onto the plastic handle without use of adhesive make it more environmental 
8.Friendly and RoHS Compliance.

Foam Tip


Handle material

Polypropylene/Plastic Snap

Foam tip dimension (length×diameter)

0.984" ×0.591" or   25mm×15mm

Handle dimension (length×diameter )

4.5" ×0.2" or 114mm×5.2mm

Fill Content

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%  +   70% isopropyl alcohol

Solution volume

 4.5"    (2.0   ml),customized

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