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Intubating Stylet
    • Intubating Stylet
    • Intubating Stylet
  • Brief Introduction:
  • ntubating Stylet, Fr6, 302mm,<3.5
    Intubating Stylet, Fr10, 382mm,4.0-5.0
    Intubating Stylet, Fr14, 382mm,>5.5
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Product Introduction
Product Description
1. To guide endotracheal tube during intubation surgery
2. Made of malleable aluminum covered with medical grade PVC.
3. Malleable aluminium which allows the stylet to be easily adapted to any desired shape
4. Flexible,Easy to crankle according to surgical requirements
5. Precise,The length of stylet is fixed within +/-1mm
6. Be sterilized by EO gas;
7. Easy to thread and remove by applying special medical material with neatly surface treatment
8. Model Number: 6Fr, 10Fr, 14Fr are available.

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